Koos Breen is an interdisciplinary designer and artist based in The Hague (NL). He produces work in graphics, objects, and spatial installations, both by commission and autonomously.



Atelier Koos Breen

Withuysstraat 4Z
2523 GW, The Hague
The Netherlands


Koos Breen stretches frontiers of disciplines and pushes them to edgy limits. He shifts between being an art director, designer and artist; continuously expanding his expertise and interests, while challenging himself as much as the possible boundaries. In the same vein, koos does not distinguish between autonomous works and commissioned projects: different worlds blend as he seeks for sensitivities and aims to imagine how objects and forms function within different disciplines. He is especially interested in what an image is, does, is perceived as, and could represent – both on- and offline. Here, his graphic design background comes into play. Considering the interplay between two and three dimensionality; experimenting with scales and perceptions, usually through photographic means in which dimensions and disciplines blur.

He approaches design in broadest sense of the term, questioning the hierarchy between physical objects and photographic representation. He made paper look like marble, designed exhibitions that seem like stages, turned haircuts into carpets and created catalogues that function as clutches. This shows how he is been able to bring different disciplines together. Combining assignments from commissioners with his own interests in structures and materiality. Especially utilizing his interest in everyday materials that could possibly be employed for design and art purposes, rather than practical usage. He plays with perspectives and expectations, creating material illusions and combining elements from worlds that seemingly do not fit together. Duly, he has been commissioned by royals and rappers; as much as fashion designers and cultural institutions. In all cases Koos questions the possibilities and affordances of materials, and tries to push beyond their expected applications – or given design commission. Hence, the outcome could be publications and books, as much as images, graphics, visual identities, scenography, exhibition design, unidentified objects, installations or art works. 

Often his projects and research are executed in close collaboration with others: Koos is part of Morph.love and Better Known As collective and often works together with artists, photographers, creative coders, architects and other designers. In his versatile practice Koos Breen applies an associative approach: one project leads to the next, while some bits stick, and others dissolve, his practice evolves continuously. 


Design Museum Ghent
Ghent, Belgium

We couldn't find the door
Morph Collective, Fey Arts
Villecien, France

Extended Views: From Dusk to Dawn
Morph Collective
Guangzhou, China

Dissolving Views
Morph Collective
Milan, Italy

Palace of Play
Morph Collective
Brussels, Belgium

The Librarian Room
Madrid Design Festival
Madrid, Spain

Ready, Set, Go!
Performed by Better Known As Salone Del Mobile
Milano, Italy

How & Wow
Crafts Council NL Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

tE 12 – Korean Society of Typography
Doosung Paper Gallery
Seoul, Korea

Concrete Playground
Pip Expo
The Hague, the Netherlands

Salone del Mobile
Milan, Italy

International Poster Exhibition
Graphic Design Festival Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland

Territories 2.0
Stroom Den Haag
The Hague, the Netherlands

Riso Club
Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives
The Hague, the Netherlands

Graphos – Uitgelicht
Kunsthal Boschveld
Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Arcadia – The Katalog
TDC Triskel
Cork, Ireland

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