KB23.103   Title: Alien Debris – Marble Edition (2020 – 2023). Commissioner: Bloc Studios. Dimensions: 160 × 69,5 × 33 cm (coffee table), 72,7 × 45 × 45 cm (side table). Material: Black Fossil Marble. Edition: Limited. Availability:

via Bloc Studios.


The Alien Debris, marble edition - consists of 2 tables in black fossil marble: 1 side table + 1 Coffee table. The structure, despite its complex shape, is made up of simple joints fixed together through a steel template. The chosen material is Black Orthoceras Fossil: its organic look, full of tapered shells, immediately suggested to the designer both the shape to give to the object and the imaginary from which to take inspiration. For the designer, the fossil simultaneously represents space and time: a surreal, almost fake vision, defined by a surprising graphic quality. The white of the fossils in contrast with the sense of emptiness that the black of the marble leaves gives life to the imagination of otherworldly worlds, of ancient spaceships that travel through time, as in a snapshot taken in a dystopian future where space debris travels at supersonic speeds and which, colliding with each other, will give life to new forms. (images by Hover Studio)