KB18.046   Title: For the Record (2018 – 2020). Collaborators: Jeannette Slütter (scenography), Tanja Busking (video’s), Vera van de Seijp (coding web cover). Commissioner: Het Nieuwe Instituut. Items: interactive web cover, set graphics, film titels, social media posts, promotional stickers. Role: graphic design + scenography.

For the Record investigates how contemporary video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, by exposing existing realities and by imagining alternatives. The project seeks to document and reflect upon the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation deployed in video culture and live events, and uses public programs and video production as the main research methodology. For the Record is envisioned as a live, collective research, in which its themes and questions will be updated and reformulated by the team, the audience and collaborating partners as the project evolves. The project engages with both local and global issues and dimensions in video culture, involving a broad network of set and stage designers, architects, artists, filmmakers, musicians, choreographers, media producers, cultural critics and institutions. https://fortherecord.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/