KB15.014   Title: Koninklijke Verzamelingen (2015). Collaborator: Bold Monday (crown re-design and custom typography). Commissioner: Stichting Historische Verzamelingen van het Huis Oranje Nassau. Role: art director + designer.
The Royal Collections of the Netherlands comprehend the cultural heritage that in the course of time has been collected or received by members of the House of Orange-Nassau. Due to the singular position which the Orange-Nassau family continues to retain, the objects often derive their meaning from certain historic moments or periods during the Republic of the United Provinces and, since 1815, the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The collections comprise objects of fine art (like paintings, drawings, miniature and sculpture) and of the decorative arts (like silver, textiles, ceramics and furniture). They include the print collection as well as photography and they contain the House Archives of the family including manuscripts and the maps and charts collection, as well as the library with books and sheet music. (Bold Monday redrew a historically correct crown based on the official crown designed for Queen Wilhelmina in 1906.)