KB22.095   Title: 《 Vergeet-mij-nietje 》 (2022). Collaborator: Audrey Large (art direction + image design). Commissioner: Audrey Large / Post NL. Dimensions: sheet: 108 × 150 mm, stamps: 36 × 25 mm. Technique: offset. Edition: 80.000. Role: (typo)graphic design. Availability:

available via PostNL.nl and in Bruna stores in the Netherlands.


As a Dutch Design Award winner, Young Designer category, Audrey Large was asked by Post NL to design a stamp for the prestigious Dutch Design series. Audrey asked me to collaborate on the (typo)graphic layer for it. Stamps are traveling objects and Audrey’s futuristic design floats in space, so it made sense to use a typeface with a nod to the ‘N’ of the ‘worm’ (the NASA logo designed in 1974), but a more cute iteration. The rounded typeface mimics the digital tool that Audrey uses to sculpt the futuristic objects. The open circle behind the typography suggests movement and at the same time the circled typography gives it a formal approach, as if it were a hallmark. The Dutch Design collectible stamp series features a great lineup of Dutch designers: Michiel Schuurman (2019), Hansje van Halem (2020) and Bart de Baets (2021).